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The Schnappy admin manager & parent app both connect to the database & interact with each other seamlessly, in real time. Intuitive and simple to use, the admin manager creates an invaluable tool for the admin staff who are able to complete their everyday tasks with ease.

Save time & money, Improve parental communications & streamline finances.

School office staff are always busy, by simplifying their administration processes Schnappy provides an invaluable tool. As part of our holistic approach to help in all areas of the office, we can help your school or nursery to go completely cashless and paperless. Below is a snapshot of just some of the things Schnappy will do to transform your back office and save many hours of administration freeing up your office staff to concentrate on more important tasks.


Your school at a glance

See and manage all incoming and outgoing payments, view and send messages, manage clubs and events, create reports, view absences and more, right from your dashboard. You decide what you want to see by tailoring your screen so you can quickly get a snapshot of your school and take immediate action.

This easy to use dashboard can be accessed on a phone or tablet to allow staff to post messages on the move. The dashboard also allows the school to restrict access to confidential areas dependent on the users role, for example, the school finances.


Fast, simple & secure!

Managing the schools finances through the Schnappy admin manager gives you full and instant control. Payments has been designed to make life much easier for the school administrators by streamlining the entire process and giving the school the ability to manage everything in one place.

We make collecting money for everything and anything fast, simple and secure, whilst enabling the school to identify incoming and overdue payments at a glance. School administrators can also send bespoke ad-hoc requests for payment to any individual, which will appear in the payments section of that recipients app.

There is no need for a parent to set up an account or transfer funds via online banking, our secure payment system accepts all major debit and credit cards and processes payments straight into the schools account without the need for third party merchant systems like PayPal or WisePay.


Detailed information instantly

Schnappy collates data and statistics including absences, payments, parents evenings, events, school trips and clubs. Through the dashboard you can view, email or print them as a PDF document for your records.


Instant, unlimited & free of charge!

The school administrators are able to instantly send direct messages to individual parents, teachers or any recipients they wish. They can also easily create groups for clubs, trips, classrooms, year groups, events etc and the recipients receive a push notification directly to their phone or tablet.

For recipients who do not have the app installed, email addresses and even mobile phone numbers (used to create SMS messages*) can be added directly to the recipient list enabling the school to reach everyone they need by sending just one message!

Unlike SMS, push notifications are completely unlimited and free of charge.

Sending messages out to groups is really useful in a number of different ways. For example, if a club is cancelled the school can let the parents know instantly by sending a notification to that group without having to look up numbers and contact everyone individually. Another scenario might be the transport returning from a school trip has been delayed and the school office is closed, the staff on the trip can login to the app and send updates and messages out to the trip group to keep everyone informed. They can even share their location to show where they are on the map.

* additional cost involved with SMS

Clubs & Activities

Steamlining the entire process!

The management of breakfast and after-school clubs is very time consuming and complex for the administration team. Usually there are various criteria when allocating places for clubs and the management of payments after the bookings have been made prolongs the process.

In the Schnappy admin manager, the administrator creates a club, adds a description, the timings, the cost (if any) and sets the number of available places. Once the club is published to the app, parents are then able to view the club and register their child’s interest in a place.

The administrators are able to view all club applications in a table and see at a glance who has signed up for each club with a timestamp so they then can manually approve or deny them based on their criteria. The parent will be notified of the decision via a direct message, and if they have been succesful they will be directed to the payments area if applicable.

Also showing in the table are the children who have requested to attend a club but were not allocated a place. This information enables the school to accurately assess the popularity of each club and to make any adjustments or changes as they wish. It also means if an extra space becomes available, they are able to forward the allocation to the next child on the list.

Parents Evening Manager

Multiple classes, multiple dates in minutes!

Just select the class, the dates, the length of time for each appointment slot, adding breaks where applicable. Once this is completed, a table is created and the parents with children in those classes will receive a push notification informing them of the parents evening and asking them to reserve a slot within the app.

The administrators can see in real time the parents name against the time slot they have reserved. They are also able to add parents unable to book via the app to any available appointment slots.

The parents that have reserved the appointment through the app will automatically have an entry added to their device calendar as a helpful reminder.

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