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Save time & money. Improve parental communications. Streamline finances.

The school office is always busy. Schnappy provides the power of a database in a familiar and easy to use interface, streamlining the entire administration process and eliminating time-consuming repetitive tasks.


Everything you need. Everywhere you go.

See and manage all incoming and outgoing payments, send and receive messages, manage clubs and events, produce reports, view absences and more. You decide what you want to see to quickly get a snapshot of what’s happening and take immediate action.

The easy to use Schnappy dashboard can be accessed securely through a browser on any desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, giving flexible access in the office and remotely.

Robust, secure and flexible. Organise your work, your way.

Cashless Payments


Fast. Simple. Secure.

Managing the school’s finances through the Schnappy dashboard gives you full and instant control. Payments has been designed to make life much easier by streamlining the process and giving you the ability to manage everything in one place.

Collect money for everything and anything quickly and securely, and identify overdue payments at a glance. The dashboard can also send payment reminders and ad-hoc requests for payment to any individual. It even allows parents to pay in easy to manage flexible instalments for higher-priced items.

There is no requirement for parents to set up an account or transfer funds via online banking, our secure payment system accepts all major debit and credit cards and processes payments immediately without the need for any third-party merchant systems. Schnappy can also accept card/cash/cheque payments through the dashboard for people paying in person and over the telephone.


Real-time reports at your fingertips.

Schnappy collates all the data and statistics in the database and offers a range of bespoke reports. These powerful reports are easy to use and can be filtered by column in combination with the search function to drill down into precise areas.

We include reports on absences, payment receipts, outstanding payments, wallet usage, Flexi pay, parents evenings, events, school trips and clubs. Just run a report via the dashboard to view it on the screen instantly or export it for your records by using the handy print to PDF button.


Instant. Precise. Unlimited.

Receive and send direct messages to any recipient, individuals, staff, club, class, year group, the entire school or for an event like a residential trip. All recipients receive a push notification directly to their phone or tablet and unlike SMS, they are completely unlimited and free of charge.

Sending messages to defined groups can be very useful, for instance, if a club is cancelled the school can inform the parents immediately by sending a notification without having to look up numbers and contact everyone individually. Another scenario might be a delayed transport returning from a school trip and the office is closed. Staff can log in on a mobile device and send updates out to the group and keep everyone informed.

Clubs & Activities

Simple and easy to manage.

The management of club placements is always a lengthy process for the administration team, from allocating places to taking payments.

Using Schnappy to manage your clubs is simple. Once a club is published the parents can view it on their app and register their child. The office see a summary of all of the club requests and can approve or deny them based on their criteria, once approved the parent is automatically notified and a payment request (if applicable) is created and sent to them.

Parents Evening Management

Parents Evening Manager

Multiple classes, multiple dates in minutes.

Schnappy handles parents evenings with total efficiency. Just select the class, the date, the length of time for each appointment slot and then set the date/time to publish. Once published, all parents with children in those classes will receive a notification inviting them to reserve their preferred appointment time.

Administrators can see in real-time the parent’s name against the time slot they have reserved on the table. They can also make any manual adjustments where required and print off the list.

The parents that have reserved the appointment through their app will automatically have an entry added to their reminders.

School Lunches

Automatically calculated & managed.

Managing lunches through the Schnappy dashboard is easy to set up and run. Each child has a profile for lunch which Schnappy uses to calculate a lunch payment. Upon approval, the payment request is then sent to the parent for each week, month or term.

Even though much of this process is automatic, there is also some useful manual configuration for the administrators.

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