A good relationship starts with good communication.

What can parents do with Schnappy?

Schnappy's solution is innovative and unique, we have focused on maximising the features to make it an invaluable tool to parents which also helps to improve parental engagement with your school or nursery.

This holistic approach coupled with the ease of use for parents means Schnappy fits in with their daily lives in a way that's easy for them to manage.

Mighty Tools

A wide range of easy to use features at your fingertips!


Good communication is what Schnappy is all about! The powerful messaging functionality is the perfect way for a school and the parents to communicate with one another. The admins can send unlimited free push notifications to any parent, a group of parents or the entire school instantly and the parents can reply or send their own message to the school.


The Events area contains a summary of all of the upcoming school events for parents and children e.g. sports day, school plays, day trips etc. Each event can be expanded to reveal more detail. When an event is selected it will place an entry in reminders and if payment and/or consent is required these will also be populated.

Absence Note

Contacting the school to notify them of an absent child is quick and easy. Parents just select the childs name, a brief reason for the absence, the date and then submit. The absence note is then sent in the form of a message to the school administrator.

Term Dates

It can be difficult for parents to find out the schools term dates quickly and accurately. They normally have to source the information from the school website, contact a fellow parent or resort to contacting the school office. That's why we've added a quick link to the app that gives them instant access to the school calendar.

Instant Payments

We make collecting small or large amounts for anything and everything fast, simple and secure. There is no need for a parent to set up an account or transfer funds via online banking, our secure payment system accepts all major debit and credit cards and processes payments straight into the schools bank account, with two-step biometric security.


It's so frustrating to forget about an event or to be reminded at the last minute! When a parent makes a booking for a Parents Evening or selects an event the reminders area is populated. Reminders is directly linked to the device calendar which gives the parent the ability to select exactly how and when they want to be reminded.


When a parent wants to check if any of their children have homework this area will show all the details you would expect such as what it is, when it was set and when it's due. Each classroom has it's own login where the staff can quickly add the class homework.


The Schnappy wallet enables parents to pre-pay allowing them to easily budget their school payments, pay by instalment and also to instantly pay for items from as little as 1p with just one click.

After School Clubs

The parents can view select all the available Breakfast and After School Clubs in the term, they can also book any snacks for these sessions (if available). Once these requests are approved by the office the payments area of the parents app is then automatically populated. 


Parents can view the clubs being run by their school. They can scroll through each item in summary and open them to reveal more detail such as timings, availability, costings and the details of the person responsible for running the club. They can then register their child for a club and once approved, they will be notified and any required payment will appear in the payments area.

Parents Evenings

Once an upcoming parents evening is added by the administrators, parents are notified by the app and directed to make an appointment by booking an available time slot, the appointment booked is then automatically registered to the school administrator and added to the parents reminders.

Consent Forms

When a parent selects an event for their child that requires permission, the consent area is then populated where the parent can provide their consent. Once consent is given the button is disabled so they are then unable to reverse their decision through the app.

Biometric Security

A common feature of smartphones is biometric security. Once Face or fingerprint ID is enabled by the parent they can easily log into Schnappy without having to put in their password everytime. Schnappy also uses this for processing payments more securely.

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