Pricing for schools of all sizes.

Whether you’re a large primary school in a busy town, or a small rural primary school — we’ve got you covered.

Our pricing plan is simple, the initial charge £1999* is a one-off Schnappy set-up fee, database access and support for the first year. After the first year we charge an annual database and support fee of £499 – that’s it, there are no complicated pricing plans or structures regardless of school size.
*billed after the free trial period has expired.

Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we, all subsequent updates are available to everyone immediately and as the technology develops all customers benefit from the enhancements, future-proofing and securing your investment.

  • Risk-Free trial until September 2021
  • Up & running within 48hrs
  • Updates included
  • Fully secure and compliant payment gateway
  • UK based data storage

FREE Trial

We know that your school will love using Schnappy immediately and because we’re keen to show you what it can do, we are offering a free no-obligation trial for all primary schools until September 2021.

If you decide to continue using Schnappy after the free trial, we’ll also discount the purchase cost by an additional 33% to £1330. We also guarantee no price rises to our annual fee from year 2 to 5 (currently only £499 per annum).

Be the next Schnappy success story!

If you’re interested in a no-obligation risk-free trial at your school, just enter your name and email address.