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5 Amazing things about Schnappy for parents

| Schnappy Team |

The Schnappy app is a leading-edge solution for parents and carers of primary school children that want to communicate and engage with their child’s school in a simple way that fits easily into their lives.

We have maximised every feature and put them at the fingertips of the parents.

Here are 5 reasons why Schnappy really is the ultimate primary school parent app.

1. Instant Communication

Good communication is what Schnappy is all about! The powerful messaging system is the perfect way to communicate with one another. Parents can receive instant push notifications individually or in selected groups. Anyone with Schnappy can receive or send messages to and from school, instantly and completely free of charge.

2. Ease of Use & Convenience

Parents can scroll through all events happening at the school at their leisure. They can book trips, join clubs, book after-school clubs, check for homework, book an appointment for parents evening, send absence notes, give consent, check term dates, send messages and make payments. In fact, they have the power to do pretty much anything they need to do right there and then.

3. Cashless & Paperless

Making bookings for clubs or trips, giving consent and getting a convenient slot for a parents evening can be challenging for busy parents. Using Schnappy takes away all the hassle and frustration by making all of this immediately available at their fingertips, without the need for any paperwork to be signed or any cash to change hands.

4. Payment Flexibilty

The Schnappy app comes with some flexible payment options to make paying for schools items quick and easy. The wallet enables parents to pre-pay allowing them to easily budget their school payments. It also makes paying for frequent items fast and unlike card payments, there are no minimum payment restrictions when making a purchase, allowing the wallet credit to be used for micropayments from as little as 1p with just one click!

Schnappy also has a payment feature called Flexi-pay which is perfect for higher-priced items like school trips and outstanding payments. Parents can choose to put selected payments into Flexi-pay mode where they can pay by interest-free instalments as little, or as much as they want until the total has been reached.

5. Private & Personal

When using Schnappy, all communications between each parent and the school are completely private and personal. Parents can share a Schnappy account or they can have separate accounts for the same children, this means that if necessary, all communications, appointments and payments are specific to each parent.

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