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5 Amazing things about Schnappy for schools

| Schnappy Team |

A school office is always a very busy place. The Schnappy primary school app provides the formidable power of a database in a familiar and easy to use interface, simplifying the entire administration process and eliminating repetitive time-consuming tasks.

We have focused on maximising all of the features and put them at the fingertips of the parents.

Here are 5 fantastic reasons why Schnappy really is the ultimate primary school parent app.

1. Instant Communication

The powerful Schnappy messaging system is the perfect way to communicate with parents. In addition to the automatic messages generated by different actions, you can also send direct messages to any recipient such as individual parents and staff members. You can also send group messages to a class, club, year, event, bespoke group or even the entire school at once, all completely free of charge!

2. Cashless and Paperless

By going cashless and paperless we can help to reduce contact between staff, parents and children. We have a range of flexible payment options available to parents via our secure payment gateway which gives them peace of mind. In addition to payments, we can also handle all appointment bookings, consent forms, club bookings and after-school clubs without the need for any paperwork.

3. Full Functionality

We have a simple pricing plan and structure for all schools, we don’t restrict our functionality based on the size of your school or by what pricing plan you are on. The entire suite of Schnappy components including messaging, club management, appointment bookings, event management, lunches, absences and flexible payments is available to all.

4. Future Proof Development

Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we, so we are constantly working on development in the background. When we update Schnappy, we roll out the new versions to all users at the same time, enabling everyone to benefit from the enhancements as and when the technology develops.

5. Free Trial

We know that you’ll love using Schnappy immediately but, as we’re so keen to show you what it can do we’re offering a free, no-obligation trial to all primary schools for their entire first term.

Be the next Schnappy success story!

To register for a risk-free trial at your school, just get in touch.